Henk de Vries (1979) followed his organ studies at the Groningen Conservatory of Music with Johan Beeftink and Theo Jellema, and took several master classes.  At the same time he studied church music at the Royal Conservatory inThe Hague. He also managed to follow the studies Contemporary Improvisation, Cembalo, Piano, Basso Continuo and Choirconducting

In 2008 he finished his two-year specialized organ study and obtained the title ´Master of Music´ with honors. At the Royal Conservatory in The Hague his professors were Theo Jellema and Jos van der Kooy;  at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Hamburg, Wolfgang Zerer was his professor.

Henk is principal organist at St. Peter’s Church in Zuidbroek with its beautiful Schnitger/Freytag-organ from 1795. In March 2016, Henk has also been appointed as church organist at Martinichurch Groningen with its famous Schnitger organ.

He is active as accompanist for choirs and soloists. He performed on Radio 4, the channel for classical music. Several study and concert tours took him to many European countries and the USA. Henk is a frequent asked Jurymember at international competitions and festivals. 

He studied at the LOTO (Dutch foundation to educate organexperts) and was the first in The Netherlands that got his degree, and past all exams "Cum Laude". Henk is a member of the Guild of Organexperts in The Netherlands.

Henk was finalist at the International Organcompetition J.P.Sweelinck in 2012 in Amsterdam, out of 55 international participants.

In his capacity as church musician he is a member of one of the editorial committees working on the new edition of the hymnal of the Protestant Church of the Netherlands.

Recently Henk developed a course on church music for laymen in church communities. He is often a guest speaker with churches, speaking on current church music themes.